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Medical Errors

Despite an overall consent in our society that „to err is human”, the management of errors in Western culture is often geared towards finding a scapegoat. In actual fact, however, the larger part (approximately 80%) of medical errors is rooted in system flaws.

In 2000, the American Institute of Medicine has published new data on medical errors in a series of studies entitled „To Err is Human”. According to these studies, approximately 44,000 Americans die annually as a consequence of medical errors. The costs resulting from medical errors amount to $ 20bn

It is found that communication plays a key role in medical errors as communication in stress situations deviates drastically from communication in normal circumstances.

network vita has enhanced its medical information systems by functions which contribute to the elimination of errors. These include, for example, the plausibility check during data input, automated summaries of comprehensive information, as well as the automated production of reports.