Demands on technology

Medical information systems are faced with a number of requirements:
  • Medical information systems can reach a high level of complexity as reflected in its functional diversity.
  • Quick development and implementation is required and requested.
  • Add-ons must be implemented rapidly at low cost. Maintenance costs must be minimal.
  • Patient security requires fully reliable software.
  • The use of software must be long-term, irrespective of platforms, operating systems or changes in technology.
In order to meet these challenges, network vita relies on an increased level of abstraction by adhering to the paradigm Model Driven Architecture.

“Being able to see certain pathologies in a graphic display has both helped us save time and improve the quality in the documentation of medical evidence.”

Corinna Velik-Salchner, M.D., Innsbruck

“All patient data is available as a matter of a few mouse clicks.”

Manfred Scherzer, Nurse, AKH Vienna

“For the successful treatment of HIV infected persons, our IT-driven patient management system has become indispensible.”

Mario Sarcletti M.D., Innsbruck

“One of the many positive aspects about the programme is the documentation of outpatient care and the evidence of nursing practice. Some of the data is fed into the system automatically. We don’t need to do anything.”

Regina Aichwalder, Nurse, Wien

“The software has helped us to marry the complex tasks of patient management with the organization of a scientific data base.”

Univ.-Prof. Robert Zangerle, M.D., Innsbruck

“The software shows the overall situation of all my clients including their supporting institutions, problems, appointments as a weekly timetable. Thus, all relevant information is on one page.”

Dodo Mahnke, Social Worker, Innsbruck

“The fact that all care providers involved are integrated in the software is a real advantage. This allows me to be much quicker with initial contacts.”

Brigitte Rühr, Senior Nurse, Innsbruck

“The automated transfer of therapies or medication incompatibilities helps eliminating errors. Medical reports can be written much more quickly than before.”

Angelika Hansel, Administration, Innsbruck

“Generating data for academic research has become a lot easier. This in turn has brought about a boost to improved treatment of patients.”

Josef Margreiter M.D., Innsbruck

“The basis for the success of network vita is the longtime experience in implementing practical software solutions.”

DI Heinz Appoyer, CEO, network vita

“I have visited many clinics and have seen few medical software products that rival HIV Patient Management System in terms of patient management efficiency.”

Norbert Bischofberger, PhD, Research and Development Chief Scientific Officer Gilead

“The software contains automated inquiry and exporting tools that facilitated the participation of international cohort studies enormously. In fact, without these tools it would not have been possible to join such studies.”

Ninon Taylor, M.D., Salzburg